The 2024 Ultimate UTV Snow Plowing Guide

It’s tough to imagine that autumn has arrived early in some regions of the country. Also, winter’s snow will be falling soon. Therefore, now is a good time to investigate UTV snow plowing options. Of course, you could be asking whether your side by side is suitable.   

UTV Snow Plowing

Can a side by side plow snow?

When UTV snow plowing, context matters. If you’ve got just a small walkway or driveway to keep clear, a Side by Side outfitted with a small plow will do just fine. For bigger driveways, access roads, and other larger areas, a UTV capable of handling a heavier, wider plow is often the better route.

For smaller parking lots and driveways, side – by – side vehicles are an excellent UTV snow plowing option. More practical than a shovel, and more mobile than a large truck equipped with a plow, they can reach areas that are inaccessible to the latter. UTVs may struggle and might not be the best choice to clear snow when there is more than 12 inches of deep snow or when there is a large area to clear.

Plowing snow with a UTV

The plow you use, the amount of snowfall you get, and the SXS model you buy will all impact how well you do snow removal this winter. Let’s take a look at the many types of snow plows and how they’re used.

Choosing a Side by Side Plow

There are two primary types of UTV plows, the front plow and the back plow. Plows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including V blades and straight blades.

Straight or V Blade for your UTV

Straight Blade or V Blade Snow Plow for a Side by Side?

A straight blade UTV snow plow can be purchased for less money. Both a manual handle or a hydraulic mechanism may be available for adjusting the angle, depending on the model. Some plows even allow you to use your winch to raise the blade.  If your driveway or sidewalk is not particularly long, you can save money by utilizing a straight plow that can be adjusted manually. However, you will need to get out of the vehicle each time you want to reset the plow angle.

Pick a plow for UTV snow plowing with a hydraulic control system, and you won’t even have to get out of your seat to change the plow’s angle or height. This can be quite useful when the weather becomes cold or when you have physical limitations that make it difficult to use a manual plow.

How to plow snow with a side by side
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Although more costly, V plows quickly clear roads of snow and ice. The depth of a V plow can be changed using either a manual handle or a hydraulic lever.

72″ UTV Pro-Poly Blade Snow Plow Kit for Polaris Ranger

What size plow for a UTV?

The size of the plow you buy must be just correct. A plow for a vehicle of this size might be any length between 48 and 72 inches. A 48″ (4 ft.) type is preferable for walkways, while a 5′-6′ model is preferable for driveways and parking lots. The width of your vehicle is another consideration. Many SXSs are 60-65 inches wide, thus attaching a 48-inch plow to one will make plowing more difficult, especially in wet, heavy snow.

Plowing Snow with a side by side

Types of UTV Snow Plow Blade Material

The UTV plow’s construction material should also be considered. Materials including polyurethane, stainless steel, and mild steel are frequently used .

The price of side by side plows made from mild-steel has dropped to the point that it is now the most economical material. They are remarkably sturdy and have withstood the test of time. Plows need to be maintained on a regular basis especially steel plows since steel rusts and corrodes with time, even when coated.

Types of UTV Snow Plow Blade Material

A plow built with stainless steel will not rust, and will last significantly longer for UTV snow plowing than a plow manufactured from mild steel. Compared to the mild-steel varieties, they are superior at keeping snow from sticking to the plow. Plows constructed from stainless steel are more durable than those made from mild-steel or poly and will seem brand new for longer.

Polyurethane plows are produced from a combination of steel and durable plastic. Their slick exteriors prevent snow from clinging to them and serve as additional protection against scratches and dings.

Types of side by side Snow Plow Blade Material

Plows made from a combination of metals and other durable materials last considerably longer than those made from just one. This type of plow is often the most expensive option available. Consider the weight of the poly snow plow in comparison to a steel plow and how it will effect the procedure of attaching and removing the plow from your truck before making a purchase.

It’s a good idea to pack some sandbags or bricks in the rear of your UTV, regardless of the plow you use, to counteract the added weight the plow adds to the front of your vehicle.

Attaching Your Plow to a UTV

Attaching Your Plow

Before buying a UTV snow plowing kit, make sure it will work with your SxS by consulting the plow’s manual. If this is your first time buying a plow, you should definitely acquire the kit. There’s nothing worse than needing to clear your driveway after the first snowfall of the season and realizing you have no means to do so since your side-by-side doesn’t have a plow blade attachment. You’ll need to purchase an attachment kit separately if the plow you’re interested in doesn’t come with one.

Common methods for attaching plows to SXS’s include using a hydraulic lift control, manual attachment plate, a winch hook, or a combination of these.

Most plows include an attachment plate for manual attachment (also called a plow mount). The metal plate attaches to the UTV’s frame below the bumper.

The plow mount and the winch allow the plow to be secured to the front of the vehicle. In this configuration, a winch is used to raise and lower the plow. A winch can be fastened to a plow by locking a straight pin into place or by attaching a bracket directly to the winch’s hook. You’ll need a winch mounted on your vehicle if you plan on using a plow that’s supported by one.

MotoAlliance DENALI ATV 60 inch Universal Snow Plow Kit

Finally, use extreme caution when UTV snow plowing with a winch while operating a plow. It is crucial that the plow is not raised too high. You’ll either need to replace your winch cable or the plow’s connection bracket because neither can take any more stress.

Hydraulically operated plows can be used in tandem with a winch, or even in instead of one. Even with a hydraulic upgrade, the plow may still need to be raised and lowered using the SXS’s winch, so keep that in mind.

A plow’s blade can be angled in any direction with the use of a hydraulic turn kit. The plow may be swiveled left and right, and it can also be raised and lowered with the use of hydraulic components. You can modify the plow’s angle and height hydraulically without getting out of your side by side. This is especially nice if your cab is completely enclosed or heated. Unlike a manual or winch-operated plow, these kits require wiring the controls in addition to the typical plow attachments, thus their installation is more difficult.

Don’t worry about it if you don’t think you can mount your own UTV snow plow. There are many shops out there like AMRC Off Road that can do the work for you and make the process easy. You can search UTV directories to find one near you.

UTV Snow Plowing:  A Quick How To Guide.

UTV Snow Plowing: A Quick How To Guide.

 Now that the plow is set up, snow removal can begin. To understand how to use your UTV to efficiently remove snow, follow these guidelines.

1. Mark Hazards

If there are any spots you should avoid, make sure they are highlighted or marked with reflective poles. Man-made hazards, should be labeled alongside naturally occurring risks like stones and tree stumps. It’s a good idea to mark the spots where your property and your neighbor’s property meet so that you can avoid damaging them while plowing.

2. Perform Routine Maintenance

Similarly to how you would inspect your car before setting out on a drive, you should make sure your side-by-side is in good operating order before setting out to plow your property. Make sure the plow is secured, the tires are inflated, and the gas tank is not empty. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a job because something disconnected or ran out of gas.

Oiling the plow before heading out to work is a sensible precaution to take as part of your regular pre-work inspection. A simple coating of cooking oil on the plow’s surface will prevent snow from sticking.

MotoAlliance DENALI 66″ Pro UTV Snow Plow Kit in RED – 2016-2019 Pioneer 1000

3. Alter the Depth of the Plow

The plow’s depth (the distance from the ground to the bottom of the plow) should be modified according to the amount of snow and the terrain you are plowing. When it’s early or late in the season, the ground is softer and more readily damaged by the plow. Take into account any uneven pavement or obstacles that you have where you are plowing.

 4. Adjust the Plow’s Slope 

Establish where you’ll be launching your efforts. Whether you’re making these adjustments by hand or with hydraulics, now is the time to do it.

 5. Attach tire chains

At this time, you should be considering chains. Most mud-specific UTV tires will be fine in the snow, but the extra traction provided by chains will make the ride much more tolerable. You can also consider keeping a separate set of mounted tires that you keep on hand specifically for reliable snow plowing.

6. Getting Started with the Plowing

It’s ideal to start UTV snow plowing at a low angle. You’ll save energy while pushing the side by side and make progress. Avoid piling snow uphill from structures, as this might lead to flooding and icing in the when the snow melts and refreezes. Plowing roads that slope toward a house or garage can be hard if there is a chance of spring flooding, which is something you want to avoid if at all possible.

Reduce the amount of snow you strike with the plow on each pass if your vehicle cannot handle so much snow at once. For instance, during the first pass, you might push the snow forward with the entire width of your plow. If you want to make a second pass, use only half of your plow’s length, then make subsequent passes with only a third. This will prevent snow from drifting back into areas that have already been cleared and from piling up in others that haven’t.

MotoAlliance DENALI UTV 72 inch Universal Snow Plow Kit

7. Clean the Plow

When you’re done plowing, make sure that the side by side and the plow are free of snow and ice. The results will protect against corrosion and rust. All the more so if there is gravel or salt in the snow and ice.

8. Parking

Before parking your SXS with a plow connected, make sure the plow is lowered to the ground. The winch cable or hydraulic lift will be relieved of some of its burden, as will the vehicle’s suspension. Keep your automobile out of the snow when you need to use the plow by parking it in a covered area or garage if you can.

UTV Snow Plow

Standard Accessories Useful for Plowing with a UTV


There’s a good chance you’ll be UTV snow plowing while it’s cold and miserable outside. Even without wind, the forward motion of the plow will cause snow (probably wet snow) to be thrown in all directions, including over the top of the plow. Having a windscreen installed will prevent snow from hitting you in the face as you work.


Having a roof over the cabin of a UTV provides further protection from the weather, preventing snow and ice from gathering on the roof and potentially breaking windows or other interior components. It’s an effective method of protecting yourself from the constant snowfall.

Spotlights for Snowplows

Plow ends can be marked with poles or flags so that the driver always knows where to find them. These make it easier to keep the plow under control and prevent it from wandering onto the lawn or garden and causing damage.

Plow Wings

Putting these shields on either end of the plow can help reduce the quantity of snow that falls off the sides. Mounting them on one or both sides of the plow helps direct the snow even more precisely. 

Replaceable Wear Bar for Snow Plows

A plow’s underside can be shielded from damage by installing this shield. Your plow will last longer if you replace the worn parts when they become available. The riding is improved after the underside of the plow has been smoothed out. You can even fabricate your own with a piece of delrin.

Is plowing snow hard on a UTV?

Preparation is the key to safely operating a UTV through a winter storm. The more snow there is and the deeper it is, the more difficult it will be for your vehicle, so don’t wait until the storm has passed before starting to clean the driveway.

What UTV is best for snow? 

There is no better snow removal equipment than your side by side. We have mounted snow plows on many popular UTV’s. Polaris RZR, Polaris Ranger, Honda Talon, CanAm, Honda Pioneer, John Deer Gator, Kawasaki Mule, what ever you side by side it can be made to work. Remember you may need to add weight to the rear of your UTV to help balance your suspension load. You can take your time plowing if you so choose to do it carefully and effectively.

Are UTV good for plowing snow?

Yes. It’s common knowledge that utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) have more power and flexibility than standard vehicles. Due to its adaptability, a UTV is the superior tool for a number of tasks. If you have a large driveway, wide walkways, or a long path to clear of snow, UTV snow plowing is the most effective method. It has been hypothesized that the heaviness and traction of the vehicle are the two most crucial elements for effective snow plowing. Similar to UTVs, the more weight a vehicle has, the more traction it has.

Final Thoughts

Also, you’ll need a lot of torque in your UTV to move all that snow. When it comes to actually getting something done, torque is far more critical than side by side . Being adaptable and dependable is also essential.

A strong UTV is essential for pushing or pulling a plow over a large region, which could take several hours. Do not be reluctant to put comfort features, such as heaters and enclosures, at the top of your list during the colder months. There are correct and incorrect methods to utilize any snow plow this winter.

Side by sides are not just for fun but when used for UTV snow plowing they are well worth the cost.

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