How Long Can I Drive My UTV on Unbalanced Tires?

How Long Can I drive my UTV on unbalanced tires?
How Long Can I drive my UTV on unbalanced tires?

How Long Can I Drive My UTV on Unbalanced Tires? Driving on unbalanced tires can be dangerous and should be avoided whenever possible. UTVs are no exception and require special consideration when it comes to keeping tires balanced. Have you ever felt the tire vibrations in the wheel? That can be a sign of unbalanced wheels and a wheel not in balance is never a good thing. It is not recommended to drive your UTV on tires out of balance for an extended period of time. Unbalanced tires can cause problems with the handling and performance of your UTV, and can lead to increased wear and tear on the vehicle’s suspension and other mechanical components. Unbalanced tires can also cause vibrations and other issues that can be uncomfortable or unsafe for the driver and passengers. If you notice that your UTV’s tires are unbalanced, it is important to address the issue as soon as possible, either by rebalancing the tires or by replacing them with properly balanced tires. Overall, it is best to avoid driving your UTV on unbalanced tires for extended periods of time, and to address any issues with tire balance as soon as they are identified.

Balance UTV TIre

Is driving on unbalanced UTV tires dangerous?

Unbalanced tires can cause vibrations, excessive tire wear, and poor handling of the vehicle, all of which can be dangerous when driving. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to how long you can drive on an unbalanced UTV tire as it depends on many factors. However, it is recommended that you check the tires regularly and replace unbalanced tires as soon as possible. 

What can my steering wheel tell me about unbalanced tires?

Feeling a vibration in your steering wheel? This is can be more than just the driving conditions or your wheel hitting debris while trail riding. While side by sides are usually not operated at highway speeds, having your tires roll smoothly is still important and proper balance is big part of that.

Is it safe to drive on unbalanced tires?

When it comes to driving on unbalanced side by side tires, the most important factor to consider is safety. Unbalanced tires can cause a UTV to vibrate, and the steering wheel to shimmy thus causing the driver to loose control and potentially cause an accident. In addition, the vibration from unbalanced tires can put a lot of wear and tear on the suspension, steering, and brakes, leading to increased wear and tear such as tire cupping.

UTV Tires can be hard to control with unbalanced tires.

UTV Tires can be hard to control with unbalanced tires.

Furthermore, unbalanced tires can reduce traction and make the vehicle more difficult to control, especially at higher speeds. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you check the balance of your UTV tires regularly, and replace them if they are unbalanced. Or if they are still good tires you can weight on the wheel to bring it into balance.

Will driving on unbalanced UTV tires cause damage?

The amount of time you can drive on unbalanced UTV tires depends on the severity of the imbalance. If the imbalance is minor, then you may be able to drive for a short period of time before any noticeable effects occur. However, if the imbalance is severe then it is likely that you will experience vibration and reduced handling within a few minutes of driving.  Additionally, if the imbalance is severe the tires may need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Not fixing unbalanced wheels can lead to suspension components failing

Not fixing unbalanced wheels can lead to suspension components failing.

The suspension components of a UTV are the parts of the vehicle that support the weight of the vehicle and allow it to move smoothly over rough or uneven terrain.

Overall, the suspension components of a UTV are an important part of the vehicle, and play a critical role in providing a smooth and comfortable ride, as well as maintaining control and stability on rough or uneven terrain.

What type of terrain are you driving on?

In addition to the severity of the imbalance, the type of terrain you are driving on can also affect how long you can drive on unbalanced tires. For example, driving on dirt roads or other rough terrain can cause more vibration and extensive tire wear.

Are you driving in wet conditions?

Additionally, driving on wet surfaces with poor tire balance can make it more difficult to control the UTV, leading to an increased risk of an accident. Therefore, it is important to consider the type of terrain you are driving on when determining how long you can drive on unbalanced tires. 

UTV Tires In Wet Conditions

Are you driving your side by side in mud?

Driving in mud requires more power and the weights on your tires can be lost in the mud. Wheels get caked in dried mud after the days over and a power washer can blow the balancing weights right off the wheels while you are cleaning up. Be sure to check your tires for missing weights and add weight back were needed. Mark where the weights are on the inside of the wheels before riding with a tire marking pen and you will be able to achieve tire balance and easily.

What are the size of your Side by Side Tires?

Finally, the size of the UTV’s tires can also affect the amount of time you can drive on unbalanced tires. Larger tires tend to be more durable and can withstand more vibrations and wear than smaller tires. Therefore, if you are driving a large UTV then you may be able to drive for a longer period of time without proper tire balancing than if you were driving a smaller tire UTV. In summary, driving on unbalanced tires can be dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. 

Driving UTV In Mud

Tires wear unevenly if they are not properly balanced.

Tires wear quicker and wear unevenly on an unbalanced tire. Uneven wear is easy to see by comparing the four tires front wheels and experience tire wear due to suspension system misalignment or damage that will affect tire balancing. Balanced tires prevent tire cupping which is from a damage suspension components. You may experience consistent vibration and high speeds this could also be tire cupping or other suspension wear and tear issues.

Balancing your tires can be simple.

Yes you can balance tires you can even balance your own car tires and we have written a guide outlining different methods and tools such as adding ceramic beads and other tools you can use to balance UTV tires yourself. As a matter of fact you it’s easy and can minimize uneven tire wear and improve fuel economy for your side by side. So don’t fear tire balancing.

Should You Balance UTV Tires?

Visual Inspection of your side by side tires

Ensure safety of your side by side tires is an important part of maintaining your vehicle and giving you a comfortable ride. During a visual inspection, you should check the tires for signs of wear, damage, or other issues that could affect tire performance or safety. This may include checking the tread depth, looking for cuts, punctures, or other damage to the tire, and inspecting the tire pressure to ensure that it is within the recommended range. You should also check the wheels and rims for signs of damage or wear, and look for any other issues that could affect the performance or safety of your side by side.

Wheel Weight Matters.

Well wheel weights matter is what I should say. Check for any missing wheel weight on your tires. Wheel weights are small stick on or hammered on weights attached to your wheels or tire itself. If you had a new tire put on the mechanic will have added more weight in areas to have evenly distributed tire balance. Tires and their wheels can lose weights in cold weather or rough roads and lead to lose of tire balance. Add weights back when necessary to avoid a dangerous situation. It can be as easy as adding self adhesive wheel weights. Check your wheels every few months of use or after a long run where the driving experience may have been been rougher than usual. Sometimes one tire can get out of balance from losing a weight and mess up you whole ride.

Wheel Weights on UTV


Wheel balance is and important consideration for your UTV to avoid cost of repairing components and to continue driving a safe side by side. Wheel weight properly applied for balancing your tire will improve your ride and prolong your tread life. It’s a minor cost that can make your ride and vehicle last longer. So please don’t forget to balance those tires.

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