About Roger Lanken

Roger Lanken

Greetings! I am Roger Lanken, a recognized authority in the world of side-by-sides. With over two decades dedicated to the UTV industry, I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience. My journey began as a passionate off-roader, and over the years, I’ve evolved into a leading expert, consultant, and trusted voice in the UTV community.

This platform serves as a global hub for SXS fans, where enthusiasts from every corner of the world converge to exchange insights, experiences, and the sheer thrill of UTVing. My mission is to foster a community where the love for these powerful machines is celebrated, and knowledge is shared freely.

Having tested, reviewed, and ridden countless UTV models, I’ve gained an unparalleled understanding of their mechanics, capabilities, and potential. From guiding beginners on their first ride to advising professionals on advanced techniques and equipment choices, my expertise covers the full spectrum of UTVing.

The allure of UTVing for me lies in the unmatched freedom it offers, the adrenaline rush of conquering challenging terrains, and the boundless possibilities of customization. Through this platform, I aim to share this passion, inspire others to embark on their own UTV adventures and elevate the global UTV community to new heights.

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